Frequently Asked Questions

How and where can I buy tickets?

The Columbiahalle does not sell tickets, but acts as a landlord providing organizers’ with exclusive rented premises.

The respective tenant (concert organizer, etc.) then takes care of ticketing, as well as the advertising/marketing and implementation of the respective event. All questions arising in connection with ticket sales are therefore the responsibility of the respective organizer and need to be clarified with them.

Tickets are available through the usual pre-sales offices, online and at the box office on the night (if the concert is not sold out in advance).

How do I get to the Columbiahalle by public transport?

The Columbiahalle is centrally located on the border of the districts of Kreuzberg and Tempelhof. Due to the proximity to the city centre, airports, railway stations and also hotels can be found in the immediate vicinity.

There is also a taxi rank, the city motorway and public transport.

It can be reached by the subway line U6 (stop Platz der Luftbrücke), Bus lines 104 as well as 248 (bus stop Columbiadamm/Platz der Luftbrücke or Columbiadamm/Friesenstrasse). From here, the venue can be reached on foot within a few minutes.

How do I get to the Columbiahalle by car?

Access via A2 (Hannover), A9 (Nürnberg / Leipzig)
From the A10 (Berliner Ring) direction Berlin-Zentrum, motorway exit Tempelhofer Damm

Columbiahalle, Columbiadamm 13-21, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Where can I park?

There are almost no public parking spaces available in the area surrounding the ColumbiaHalle. Therefore, we recommend the journey by public transport. If you choose to arrive by car, a car park (1 € / hour) is located directly across the street within the grounds of Tempelhof Airport.

parking areas columbiahalle

Parking areas (some fee required) are marked with P.

source: OpenStreetMap - published by ODbL

Is there a cloakroom in the Columbia Hall?

There are two cloakrooms located inside the ColumbiaHalle, where coats and personal belongings can be left against a fee.

Backpacks and bags larger than A4 may not be taken into the hall at most events. To avoid inconvenience at the entrance, please try to refrain from bringing unnecessary items or large luggage.

Please also note the regulations by the event organiser!

Is the Columbiahalle barrier-free?

Yes it is.

The entrance is made via the courtyard. A wheelchair space is available in the vicinity of the stage and there is also a separate wheelchair platform.

There is an accessible disabled toilet.

Should questions arise during the event or should you need help, please contact our security staff of B.E.S.T. Security, who will be happy to assist.

Plan Barrier-Free Columbiahalle


When does an event usually end?

As each event is different, ending times are dependent on the artist and organiser.

Is it possible to bring food and drinks?

Food and drink may not be taken into the Colmbiahalle.

From what age can children and teenagers attend an event in the Columbiahalle with or without an adult?

We recommend not bringing young children to concerts as members of the audience.

The participation of young people at concerts is governed by human rights laws, which take into account the Youth Protection Act. According to the Civil Code in Germany(BGB) the parents have the duty and the right to care for the minor (under 18 years).

The Columbiahalle and the organizer reserve the right to refuse access to children under the age of 14, depending on the event.

Youth Protection – At which age am I able to attend a concert?

For attendees under the age of 18, concerts may only be visited under the following rules:

Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to enter the event, even if accompanied by an adult. 6- to 15-year-olds can attend a concert ONLY accompanied by a person of full age (18+). This may be a parent or legal guardian or custodian. For this purpose, a child must hold a permission form signed by the legal custodian. You can download the form here. Please note that both the person to be supervised and the accompanying adult must submit a photo ID (identity card or health card). Unaccompanied 16- and 17-year-olds are allowed to visit a concert until midnight, but only upon presentation of a photo ID (personal identity card or health card). Student IDs are not valid here!

What is not allowed in the Columbiahalle?

The rules of the Security are to be followed without exception. If an item brought to an event is detained by security, the visitor has to collect the item immediately after the end of the event. Should the item not be collected on exiting the premises, the ColumbiaHalle is entitled to dispose of the object.

Items not permitted:

  • Weapons of all kinds
  • Nazis, racists, homophobes
  • Gas spray bottles, corrosive or colouring substances or pressure vessels for highly flammable or harmful gases, with the exception of commercially available lighters
  • Glass bottles and containers
  • Notebooks, tablets, tripods, selfie-sticks, audio and video recorder, cameras, GoPro cameras, laser pointer, whistle, rivet belt
  • Drugs in accordance of the Narcotic Drugs Act
  • Clothing, emblems, fonts, posters and other objects, e.g. racist, xenophobic, right-wing or left-wing radical, national socialist or political opinion-making or as a propaganda material, or whose display is prohibited in the public sphere
  • Pyrotechnic articles of any kind, including sparklers
  • Baby stroller
  • Bulky and dangerous objects of any kind, eg: poles (except for people with reduced mobility), folding chairs, umbrellas, flags or transparent bars
  • Objects made of fragile or splintered materials
  • At concerts and other entertainment events within the rules include posters not over DIN A3, Double holder banners, paper, wallpaper rolls, confetti etc.
  • Megaphone, gas pressure fans, vuvuzelas, mechanically, electrically or differently (for example pneumatically)
Where can I smoke in the Columbiahalle? What about E-Cigarettes?

Our beautiful garden is at your disposal, because due to the non-smoking laws, it is forbidden to smoke in all enclosed rooms of the Columbiahalle. E-Cigarettes are also not allowed.

Will be merchandise available?


The merchandise area is located on the right side.